Increase your opportunities by becoming a member of an affiliated professional voluntary association (VA), and subscribing to a programme of continued professional development (CPD) to keep your skills up to date.

Association Members

The South African Institute Of Electrical Engineers


The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers strives to provide leadership to the electrical / electronic engineering discipline in order to support its members in becoming more effective practitioners so that the quality of life of all communities in Southern Africa is uplifted.

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The Institute Of Information Technology Professionals SA


IITPSA is a professional body, recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Established in 1957, the Institute has a long and proud history of service to, and representation of, South Africa’s ICT professionals and practitioners, attracting a broad and active membership from all levels of the ICT Industry.

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FTTX Council Africa


The FTTX Council Africa believes that the development and deployment of fibre based broadband access networks will enhance the quality of life for citizens in South Africa and Africa as a whole, providing African countries with an infrastructure which will increase their effectiveness and competitiveness within the global marketplace.

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